My Little Farm

My Little Farm


THE WAIT IS ALMOST OVER!!! We’re expecting our shipment of our new toy MY LITTLE FARM in early February!

MLF has the same unique, fun reversible structure as our award-winning My Little House, but on MY LITTLE FARM, the 30+ sticking felt pieces will feature cows, horses, chickens, ducks, sheep, pigs, tractors, pitchforks, hay and a multi-racial farm family.

Lots of people and animals!

The outside of MLF is a cool red barn, that pieces can stick to.

The inside features two inner panels that reflect the inside of a barn. This is where kids can engage in a matching activity - putting the pieces where they belong.

The outer two panels are exteriors, with meadows, dirt, mud and sky. Here, pieces can go anywhere; it opens up a world of creative play and storytelling.

Get yours now!!!

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We are accepting pre-orders for My Little Farm, the follow up to SmartFelt Toys award-winning My Little House, invented by a Speech Pathologist. Just like it's predecessor, MLF is a unique, interactive, multi-sensory reversible 3D felt house that builds early language and vocabulary. 30+ matching felt pieces stick inside and outside a colorful barn and farm and address all the early language concepts.